Sunday, December 11, 2011

Robert Noyce

Robert Noyce Quotes about leadership and innovation - Presentation Transcript

This presentation This presentation contains some quotes from Robert Noyce Robert Noyce, who invented the integrated circuit and co-founder of Intel, the Intel.
They are very, very important, but it is an important asset for many innovations, innovation and leadership, and many mention this a couple of things ... material
For his invention of his invention of the integrated circuit integration:
"I have no I have no memories of memories" Boom! "Here it is! Boom! Here it is!" Tungsten bulbs to go "
Noyce sometimes have the idea of ​​invention as a continuous process: a continuous process:
"Let's see if we could do, we can do. If we do, then we can do. It was a logical sequence. If I hit the wall, d me back up and then find a way, conceptually, all the wall that had a backup and then find a way to conceptual, all the way to the end. When you have a way, conceptually, all the way to the end you can go back and start cleaning, thinking small steps to get there. Then you get to the place where you can see peak, then you know you can get there. "P YYG
"I tried to solve the problem of production." Ld bl I tried to make an integrated circuit. "
The head:
"When you look at the long" If 'l Ki TL long-term research program in the long-term research in general, people do are in the best position to evaluate ITI t TLT is that people who are people who are monitored. "
"People who have to supervise people who follow, are more dependent on their ability to judge people who depend on its performance is dependent on its ability to assess the work of JG is going on." GG
"Manager is an enabler and not a job that allows you ... not a job of coaching the Directive, and the address is the first quality of leadership now. Receipt of barriers Now! Si obstacles for people to do things yppg doing well."

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